About the Artist

Montalk (Thomas Minderle) is the author of montalk.net, a website dedicated to helping others arm themselves with knowledge to better fulfill their spiritual potential.

After studying physics and electrical engineering for four years, he left college to pursue more independent research. His interests include spirituality, alienology, fringe science, and composing music.

Neptunian Horizon is Montalk's solo project. He learned guitar at age 16 and has been recording since 1997. All songs are now recorded in his home studio. Vocals, bass, electric guitar, and acoustic are real, the rest are virtual instruments. Many melodies heard on "Descent" and featured in future albums were first heard in dreams.

Montalk is currently working on the follow-up album titled "Ascent," which explores a more progressive, euphoric, melodic, mystical, and sylvan direction. Its style includes power metal, medieval folk, symphonic, and progressive rock. He's also recording a side project called "Thiocryptos," which is an epic doom metal concept with black metal influences that revolves around arcane, esoteric, occult, and gnostic themes.





While Heaven Wept

Quo Vadis

Whispering Gallery




Lost Horizon

Why Neptunian Horizon?

"Engulfed in spiritual coma, we slumber while interdimensional predators farm us for energy.

Having forgotten who we are, once shining beings have fallen into an abyss of mundanity and ignorance.

But music can stir the soul toward anamnesis, transcendence, and reesistance. To do so, music must be otherworldly, beautiful, and powerful.

Power is the fundamental basis of metal. This power need only be expressed through the right emotions: sorrow to stir compassion, nostalgia to remind us of our home beyond the stars, and euphoria to light the flame of resistance.

In a world where humans are beaten and programmed into soporific submission, metal can stimulate an evocative counter-impulse.

Made numinous through key modulation, the resulting music provides forces aimed toward revolutionary transcendence.

Neptunian Horizon channels these forces through the eyes of Gnostic Spirituality."

Current Gear (2016)

▶ Guitar:

Jackson SL2 Pro Soloist guitar - Duncan Distortion pickups. D'Addario strings, 11-52 with wound G20. Tuned 420Hz C# standard.

ESP Horizon NT II guitar - Dimarzio Illuminator in bridge, Duncan '59 in neck. D'Addario strings, 11-52 with wound G20. Tuned 420Hz C# standard.

Schecter Damien 6 guitar - Dimarzio Evo 2 in bridge, EJ Custom in neck. D'Addario strings, 11-54 with wound G22. Tuned B standard.

ESP LTD B-304FM bass - EMG 35P4X in neck, EMG 35JX in bridge. DR Lo-Rider strings in 45-105 (E flat standard), 50-110 (C sharp and D), and D'Addario ProSteels in 60-125 (B and C).

Yamaha FG730s acoustic - D'Addario Extra Light Phosphor Bronze strings.

Hardwire CM-2 - Overdrive pedal.

Microtubes B7k Ultra bass pedal.

Dunlop Tortex Jazz .60 mm picks (black).

▶ Microphones

Shure KSM42 for clean vocals and acoustic guitar.

Shure SM7B for clean and harsh vocals, and spoken word.

Audio Technica AT4021 for acoustic guitar.

▶ Hardware

Apogee Duet 2 audio interface.

Equator D5 studio monitor speakers.

Focal Spirit Pro headphones.

Korg Microkey MIDI keyboard.

Line2Amp reamp box.

▶ Software

Logic Pro digital audio workstation.

Amplitube 4 amp sim.

Superior Drummer 2.0 drum sampler.

Favorite Bands/Albums

1) Therion - Secret of the Runes, Gothic Kabbalah, Les Fleurs du Mal
2) While Heaven Wept - Of Empires Forlorn, Vast Oceans Lachrymose, Suspended at Aphelion
3) Isole - Silent Ruins, Bliss of Solitude
4) Metal Church - Metal Church
5) Yearning - Frore Meadow, Evershade, Merging into Landscapes
6) Orphaned Land - Mabool, All is One
7) M.O.D. - Rhythm of Fear
8) Quo Vadis - Day Into Night
9) Edenbridge - Shine
10) Argus - Boldly Stride the Doomed
11) Warning - Watching from a Distance
12) Darkwell - Suspiria
13) Whispering Gallery - Shades of Sorrow, Like a Dream, Lost as One
14) The Gathering - Mandylion, Nighttime Birds
15) Neil Young - Trans
16) Lost Horizon - Awakening the World
17) Falconer - Falconer, Armod
18) Amorphis - Elegy, Skyforger
19) Noekk - The Grimalkin, The Minstrel's Curse
20) Passage - Passage
21) Owain Phyfe - Sweet Was the Song
22) Ayreon - Human Equation, 01011001, Theory of Everything
23) Haken - Aquarius
24) Solstice - Death's Crown is Victory
25) Diablo Swing Orchestra - The Butcher's Ballroom, Pandora's PiƱata
26) Winds - Prominence and Demise, Imaginary Direction of Time
27) Solitude Aeturnus - Alone
28) The Vision Bleak - Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey
29) Fear Factory - Demanufacture
30) Arcturus - Sideshow Symphonies